It is as it says! A video in which I talk about static stretching, as well as the importance of warming up (if it is something you feel you need)

Check it out, especially if you static stretch before working out or running! And also check out if you need to hear a little about warming up. I also provided some links below the video (in the youtube description box) for more information on static stretching, for those interested.



I went from 160 to 150.5 in like two weeks but whenever I eat and weigh myself after I'll weigh like two-four more pounds. Also, ten pounds is a lot of weight to lose in such a short period of time, but I look absolutely no different. Does that mean it's actually not pounds I'm losing but like water weight or something? Also I eat a pretty balanced diet and I drink water like a fish.



(part 2) Hey sorry same anon, I also wanted to add that I haven’t exercised at all, but I did go from eating fast food literally every day and often drinking soda to eating all veggies, fruits and lean meats.

First. Stop weighing yourself after you eat. The scale is going to be different. Your weight can fluctuate between 1-5 pounds in a day, that’s why when losing weight the scale isn’t always the only option for tracking progress because it’s going to weigh all of you, even the food you just ate or the bathroom break you’ve yet to take. Step off the scale and put it away, weigh yourself once a week or even once every other week. 

Second, your large amount of weight loss is most likely due to losing water weight. Drinking and eating nothing but fast food products which have little to no nutritional value but all the salt can cause bloating and dehydration, so it is very likely that your body is riding itself of all the extra water because you’re starting to eat better and drinking more water rather than soda. 

Finally, when you lose weight you’re not just losing it from the exterior, fat builds up in between your organs as well and it might be that your body thinks it’s best to start shedding the inches their, rather than on our tummies or whatever problem area we think we have. Losing weight is a process and you have to trust your body’s process of doing so because it’s doing it in the way that is healthiest for you. Rather than measuring by the scale, try taking progress pictures and measurements. Sometimes looking in the mirror isn’t enough to see the progress. We need a side by side photo sometimes :) 

I hope that I’ve helped answer some of your questions. To sum it up, stop weighing yourself everyday, it is most likely water weight so expect it to fluctuate back up but keep on trying, and remember that you lose fat everywhere, not just where you think you should :) xx 

The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.
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forgetting hot beverages and remembering them when they are cold beverages is a cruel reminder of the passage of time and how it can appear like nothing has changed but it has 

but it has 

oh my god thank u for this post i just remembered my tea

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What is H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)? :

It’s  a short burst of high intensity cardio movements for 2 minutes then going to lower intensity movements for 1 minute repeating this 5-10 times.

You can do this on a cardio machine or you can do it without equipment. You can run, sprint, or walk (high intensity movements), and add in strengthening exercises (low intensity movements).

The goal is to get your heart rate up as high as you can in the 2 minute bouts and letting your heart rate drop (not to resting) when doing the 1 minute bouts.

Benefits of H.I.I.T:

1.    You burn double the calories in 15-20 minutes than with a 30-60 minute cardio session.

2.    Best form of cardio for weight loss.

3.    You engage more muscles during the session, which means you, burn more fat.

4.    Increases your metabolism (you burn even more calories during the after burn).

5. You don’t need any equipment, you can do the workout anywhere and whenever it’s convenient for you.

6.  H.I.I.T challenges you and helps with boredom.